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Corrections and community justice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Corrections and community justice - Essay ExampleThe warrant is served to the suspect verbally, and a copy given to him and hint follows. Customarily, the suspect is arraigned before a venture a day or two following the issue of the warrant. Defense attorney represents the suspect, while the solicitor represents the state. The prelim tryout involves submission of facts of the case and the determination by the judge, if the case can proceed to trial. At the plea stage, which follows preliminary hearings, the suspect is formally charged. The second hearing is conducted in front of grand jury, consisting of eighteen natives after which a trial is held either before a judge and the jury, or before a judge only. If a guilty plea is arrived at, the judge passes a sentence on the accused, but in cases dealing with death penalties, the jury is mandated to pass the sentence.In a criminal court, the government (the plaintiff) institutes a suit against a person(s) suspected of going against the law. There should be certainty for a guilty verdict to be passed. On the other hand, in a contemporary court, an individual (plaintiff) institutes legal proceedings against another (defendant). Reasonable doubt is never a

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Find two articles that are influential in the field of Organizational Essay - 1

Find two articles that are influential in the dramatic art of Organizational Development - Essay ExampleIn this aspect, our major goal is to expand into the regional market. A major threat to our business has been the influx of moth-eaten imports and the rise of competitors. Brainstorming has helped in achieving a technique in problem solving and team building since it creates new ideas, solves problems, motivates, and develops teams (Bushe & Marshak, 2009).The article provides readers with information pertaining to internal practices that plug the success of an organization. An alternative method is the nominal group technique that encourages contributions from everyone. This ensures participation of all the group members, especially of people who think best in lock up and for some members who are, thanks to this technique, more vocal and are not overshadowed by others (Nguyen, 2007). Motivating the employees is a good leadership practice. Motivation involves implementing an inn ovative reward strategy directly with the workforce. Development programs assist an organization in bringing up a clear down the stairsstanding of the growth of an organization. Leaders are always under a lot of pressure to guide and direct their subjects or employees to achieve the set goals. For effectiveness in leadership, leaders have to adopt strategic leadership. strategic leaders are leaders who are proficient in motivating and persuading people to acquire the vision of that company or institution. Strategic leadership is nearly managing the employees by using strategies of management in order to achieve set goals. Apart from expressing a strategic vision, strategic leaders should also be competent to create an organizational structure for the business, which is an extremely crucial part in strategic leadership (Nguyen, 2007).The first article was ranked due to its provision on SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis effectively analyses the strengths, the values and the policies th at endear the

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Future trends in the internatonal criminal justcie Essay

Future trends in the internatonal venomous justcie - Essay ExamplePredictions for the future of the domestic and the international criminal justice for the 21st century had started as the new millennium approached. The other aspects of criminal justice whose past, current, and future trends should be assessed are the roles of individuals and that of the customary, privatization of the criminal justice organisation, service-oriented ideas, and professionalism. This subject explores the future of international criminal justice, mentioning the past and the current trends that could influence the future of the profession. The Future of Criminal Justice What the criminal justice system pull up stakes brass like in the future can be estimated by certain criminal acts and trends, including terrorism, multicultural populations, large scale immigration, age and composition demographics, technological and scientific advances, and globalization among other factors. Nonetheless, there are certain forces or factors that will have greater effect than others and current and future criminal justice system practitioners have no choice but to be conversant and compliant with these changes. One of these factors is the co-evolution of law-breaking. Crime, like disease-causing microorganisms, will change with time in a port corresponding to the to a greater extent effective defense mechanisms put in place by its likely victims (Garland, 2002). For instance, while plenty may insert wheel locks and alarms to preclude auto theft, car thieves will apply devices that would neutralize such security measures. Notwithstanding the co-evolution of different types of crimes, the future will still see crime battle being categorized into crime opportunity reduction, de-motivation of ambitious criminals, and the changing of societys and individuals basic values.... ng being categorized into crime opportunity reduction, de-motivation of would-be criminals, and the changing of societys and individuals basic values. The purpose of the category of crime fighting that will change peoples value will be to target the nurturing of the spring chicken so that they pick positive values, hence minimize their chances of becoming criminals and indulging in other disorderly behaviors (Sunga, 1997). All these categories of crime fighting will merely be implemented according to the changing demographics, which are expected to be more flexible in the future. For instance, it has been postulated that the population of the most crime-prone group, males of age 15 to 29, will decline to a small extent while the population portion of 30-65 years old is expected to increases substantially. These foreseen demographic changes have the implication that more people will either be criminals or victims in the future. For example, the postulated increase in those aged above 60 years old implies that there could be more victims of crime in the future (Wolfgang, 1990). On the other hand, the increased percentage of this elderly portion in a given population could imply that these elders will use their discretionary time to guide the young on positive values or to report crimes, thus helping in the fight against crime (Wolfgang, 1990). Public Rights versus Individual Rights One of the future aspects of the international criminal justice system that is likely to be influenced by past and current trends is the individual versus public rights issue, often encountered in the system. In the future, the international criminal justice system will be expected to ensure that a steady and delicate repose is maintained between the interests of individuals and those of the

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Will US dollar lose its role as the global reserve currency before Essay

Will US long horse lose its role as the global permit currency before 2050 - Essay ExampleThere is a tendency among governments and individuals to diversify by storing the value of their wealth in other dominant currencies, other than the dollar or converting them into commodities. The BRICs development bank, weakening dollar trend, increased US budget deficit, emergence of alternative contender currencies, and shifting pricing away from the dollar elaborates on the serious threat the US dollar faces, in its position as the global reserve currency.The US Dollar has served as the dominant and globe reserve currency for about seventy years today, since the adoption of the system back in the 1940s. Over the years, it gained acceptance and increased use in transnational transactions and by governments central banks for purposes of storing value, exchanges and invoicing transactions. It brought numerous advantages to the governments across the world, and especially the US citizens, w hose purchases of goods or services have been at much cheaper rates comp bed to foreign nations. whatever countries went on to peg their currencies to the dollar, but they have experienced the risks besides the benefits of the act. Though still a global reserve currency, the US dollar has been faced by numerous challenges towards the end of the 20th century and the past one decade. Inclusive to this are the exposed weakening US dollar, depreciated dollar and risk of volatility, emergence of challenging currencies to the dollar, changing monetary institution and dollar pricing, and diversification against the dollar. Though a debatable issue, the US Dollar is more likely to lose its role as the global reserve currency by 2050.It appears that countries are slowly changing their currencies in trading of products even at the international level. Where dollars have been used, other currencies are taking control. For example, most wise and even rich people have studied the behavior of th e

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Petroleum Engineering final research Paper Essay

fossil anoint Engineering final look Paper - Essay display caseWhile engineering science and research have developed methods of extracting different vegetable oil products from crude oil in practical progressiones, the academic and the overall public landing field is unable to know from research how exactly the formation of crude oil takes place as many theories exist within the sources credited as critical articles and approved books. Given the increasing threat of reading and believing various sources in existence, this essay seeks to answer the following question as it relates to petroleum engineering and research on petroleum production interrogation Question If petroleum engineering was developed through research on petroleum formation, why is it that petroleum engineering follows the same concepts and methods of processing while petroleum research on petroleum formation differs considerably? LITERATURE REVIEW 1. Research on Petroleum a. Formation of crude oil The orig in of oil is a phrase that anyone can take a wild guess and appear right on. From sequence immemorial, societies have call on accustomed to the popular believe that crude oil is a product from the interiors of the earth. However, while the origin or oil has been researched on, most research tends to lean on where crude oil exists or where around the world oil can be drilled. Research goes further to explain that the origin of oil is a phenomenon that can be explained through the consideration of hydrocarbons undergoing gradual changes within the confinements of the earths crust. According to Bluemale & Manz (2), crude oil is constituted of 50-95% of hydrocarbons. While chemic engineering is a crucial input in the field of petroleum research, some sources fall short of relevant information regarding the types and actual chemical components of these hydrocarbons. Research by other researchers indicate that the formation of crude is an indefinite process upon which most researchers have relied on theories rather than taking a practical approach in identifying the actual process of crude oil formation. In statistics, forecasts are make through the consideration of the mean in order to predict the circumstance of some results. While the field of quantitative data can use means to predict outcomes, it is unable to use the same method to predict results from soft data. For example, the different researches on the formation of crude oil cannot be reduced to an average concept. This therefore discredits such research conclusion that crude oil is made up of 50-95% of hydrocarbons. The 50-95% gap is way too wide to show substantiality of the research as it is impossible to believe that one bottle of the original coca plant gage can have 50-95% sugar content and still be classified under the same category of either diet coca cola or the original sugar-rich product. b. Chemical Composition The formation of petroleum has been able to produce substantial evidence of ho w chemicals are combined or developed to become petroleum. In this case, the scientific inability is influenced by timeline as scientists are unable to reproduce 100 million age. While the impossibility is logical, the mentioning of 100 million years may has well be wrong as the determinant of the period

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Casque d'Or (Golden Marie) Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Casque d&aposOr (Golden Marie) - Movie Review ExampleThe document to a lower place reviews the film.Marie is depicted in the film as a woman of significant beauty. She is, however, distressed by the way Roland is treating her. Roland is a criminal and also among the local syndicate. later on Marie was introduced to Georges, who was a humble carpenter, she instantly fell in love with him although he was a stranger to her. Roland became jealous after meeting Marie and Georges for several times. He unyielding to confront Georges. He did it behind a club where his syndicate members were watching. Georges, however, gained control of a knife and killed Roland. Everybody fled after legal philosophy arrived including Marie, who sought refuge from syndicate at the nearby village (Leahy 7).Georges also decided to flee out of that town. He was, however, enticed to an engagement with Marie by a note that was sent by her. The two started nourishment a peaceful life in a neighboring village. T his continued until Georges was informed that Raymond had been arrested for Rolands murder. This was Felixs plan, who was the syndicates leader. He placed point on Raymond so as to bring Georges out of a hiding place and win Maries control. Without realizing the plan, Georges confessed to the police that he was the real killer. When Raymond was being transported mingled with jails, he broke free after being helped by a diversion by Marie (Deluermoz et al. 34). Georges seeks Felix, immediately to seek revenge. He found him in police presence and killed him. Georges was sentenced to die by guillotine because of the two murders. Marie is revealed very broken and in horror as she watched Georges being executed.The world of petty prostitutes and criminals in capital of France is presented directly and simply. The Paris community is revealed as neither rendered gratuitously squalid nor romanticized. Parisis, however, complex in its right. Although the films plot recounts a sad series of murder, treachery, and death by

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Teaching paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Teaching - Research Paper ExampleIt uses discussion and case method to illustrate the effects and solution to stress anxiety roughness in the young adults with more stress being on high school and college students.The major occurs of the research lies on its goals towards student health enhancement. In this case, the teaching plan helps students to understand the forms of stress, causes of stress in young adults, characteristics of despairing episodes used for the prognosis of dejection, gender analysis and contribution to the prognosis of stress caution disorder, amount of anger that relates to the prognosis of depression as well as ways of countering stress enigmas among students in various institutions (Kottler & Chen, 2012). The goals of the teaching plan research object lens at solving the growth of stress management disorder in schools which is highly related to drug addiction among young people, transition to self dependence, kin issues as well as exam related stress. Yo ung adults are prone to stress disorders due to the high level of adrenaline fluctuation as a result of the adolescent stage. The objective of the teaching plan is to provide assessment of stress management in young adults. This objective helps learners to understand the native causes of stress management disorder and its impending effects to health thus achieving one of the learning goals of creating awareness. The teaching plan also aims at creating programs that help students get laid with stress management issues as it targets an essential and vulnerable group in the human growth process. Due to this notion, the document helps to achieve the learning goal of problem solving through use of education. The teaching plan also achieves the objective of enhancing learning through the provision of knowledge.There are many theories regarding stress disorder that provide a deep understanding to the concept behind the relation of stress